ARTO was founded in 1966 by an Egyptian/Armenian immigrant, Arto Alajian. Now his two sons, Armen and Vod Alajian run the business. They are a family run business, just like Carolina Tile & Stone. 

ARTO is known for making rustic and elegantly handmade ceramic and concrete tiles. Since their products are made to order, ARTO can customize their tiles to their customer’s tastes. Not only are the tiles made in Los Angeles and their raw materials sourced locally, but the glazes, molds, and even their shipping pallets are all made at their factory. ARTO’s reputation has grown from being a local favorite to being sold throughout the world.


See just how custom Arto can become by watching how they make unique colors per your specifications.. 

With the endless possibilities available through ARTO, Carolina Tile & Stone is able to order samples and get them shipped to you where is most convenient. Please stop by our showroom to see some of their amazing products and colors in person.