We have added five shower vignettes to our studio: 1) Bianco Dolomiti; 2) Ocean Blue; 3) Manhattan Pearl; 4) Kauri White; and 5) Thassos. Each of these vignettes feature Artistic Tile and were designed to show some of the ways tile can be used to create functionality, style and beauty in a shower space.

Bianco Dolomiti Vignette

Walls: 12×24 Bianco Dolomiti

Niche: Riverstone Bianco Carrara Polished Stone Mosaic


Floor: Broken Joint Mosaic featuring Bianco Dolomiti

Grout: Dove Grey

Ocean Blue Vignette

Walls and Floor: 12×24 Ocean Blue Honed Vein Cut Stone

Deco: Foliage Coltrane Cream Mosaic


Grout: Irish Creme

Drain: Tileable Linear Drain

*Pencil and subway tile shelf discontinued.

Manhattan Pearl Vignette

Walls: 4×12 Manhattan Pearl Gloss

Deco: Swingin’ Chevron Detroit Blues Gloss Mosaic

Pencil: Bianca Carrara Polished Opus 1


Floor: Riverside Drive Hex Grey Polished Stone

Grout: Fresh Lily

Kauri White Vignette

Walls: 8×48 Kauri White Polished Pocelain

Deco: Tresses Water Jet Mosaic featuring Denim Blue, BB Blue and Blue/Brown Stained Glass

Pencil: Mingus Grey Jazz Liner


Floor: Mojave Brown Matte Porcelain 23×47

Grout: Fresh Lily

Drain: Grated Linear Drain

Thassos Vignette

Walls: 12×12 A3 Commercial Thassos Polished Stone

Deco: Claridges Thassos Polished Waterjet Mosaic

Pencil: Opus 1 Thassos Polished Stone Pencil


Niche: Rivershell White Polished Shell Oval Mosaic

Floor: Thassos Polished Stone Straight Joint Mosaic

Grout: Dove Grey