Our Artistic Tile representative, Geoffrey Balogh, visited Carolina Tile & Stone’s showroom today. In addition to having an extensive collection of the finest tile and stone, most products can be tailored to fit any customer’s needs by offering different finishes, cutting intricate designs and matching custom mosaics and slabs with stocked field tiles.

Different Finishes

Each treatment is applied to give the surface of the tile or stone a unique finish.













Water Jet

Curves and intricate details in many materials are an option using a waterjet machine – giving Artistic Tile endless possibilities.


Artistic Tile’s water jet machine can cut intricate shapes in a wide variety of materials, including stone, porcelain and glass, yielding tightly nested parts. Match custom mosaics with stocked field tile from the same lot. Match slabs with stocked field tile and custom mosaics.

Herringbone Mosaic

Claridges Mosaic

Straight Joint Mosaic

Treble Mosaic









We enjoyed Geoffrey’s visit and he expanded our knowledge of Artistic Tile’s offering. We look forward to passing this information on to our customers.

Geoffrey Balogh (shown in the lavender shirt below) Interacting with the CTS Team







To learn more, please feel free to contact Carolina Tile & Stone or visit our showroom.