Step away from the typical square tile and liven up your space with the hexagonal tiles in new Alston Collection! These 5″ Carrara hexagons are hand-printed with simple, yet unexpected designs using patented printing process. The Alston Collection combines the modern aesthetic of the six-sided Carrara with patterns that touch on the contemporary and those that harken back to more traditional styles.


The Alston Lola pattern, with its hint of delicate lace, adds delightful antique contrast to the precise, clean lines of the Carrara tiles. The Aliso pattern’s circles and stars bring a traditional feel to the honed Carrara.
The Tribeca and Edge patterns play up the geometric angle with their use of color and shading to produce striking three-dimensional patterns. The level of detail achieved with StoneImpressions’ printing process creates compelling designs that appear to be etched or carved into the tile; however, these tiles have a flat, smooth surface with a durable sealant for long-lasting beauty.

The color palette used in the Alston Collection is natural and warm, combining blues, greys and beiges to blend perfectly with the natural stone tile. The inherent veining of the Carrara marble only enhances these designs by adding more depth than a flat ceramic or porcelain could offer.