Colorways and color combinations are one of the most important design aspects when it comes to a home renovation or new build. You can keep a space more natural and subdued by sticking with soft, neutral colors, or you can really make a room pop by utilizing rich, bold colors in a tile. Whatever route you choose to go, the color is going to shape that space.


Color Matching Tile & Fabric

Absolutely love the pattern, but can’t find a color option that matches the rest of your materials? Stone Impressions gorgeous, ink jet patterns on beautiful natural stone can be easily customized whether that be matching a paint-chip, a piece of fabric, or another pattern. 




With our ability to customize any design to encompass your exact vision, the options for your Stone Impressions tiles are nearly limitless! From color alterations to completely custom designs, explore the many possibilities available.


Please visit our showroom to see what you can create, in person! Let us help you create your dream space.

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