Nowadays, when designing the tiles in your home, no matter what the space, the room for innovation is extensive. By being consistent in your materials and design of your bathroom, the overall look that is most sought after appears as open, simple, and thoughtful. Less and less is there the categorization of “kitchen” tiles, “bathroom” tiles, and so forth. Designers and homeowners are taking the traditional rules of laying tile and flipping it upside down. Just about anything can go. Mosaics are being used more and more on main floors (as well as on walls), patterns and decorative water jets are being used in large areas, and consistency, whether that be in using the same type of stone or utilizing a cohesive look, is very important in keeping a simple yet unique look. A considerate touch can come from mixing different textures, contrasting light and dark colors, or by having a variation in the orientation of the patterns and lines in your tile.  




The use of slabs on surfaces such as walls and tubs is becoming more and more valued. Slabs can create a large pattern format with the strings and clouds apparent on its surface. The added bonus of a grout-less, seamless look is also treasured. Exotic slabs are available to purchase through our showroom, view here.



There are many things you are able to do with the design of your bathroom. Your personal sanctuary where you usually start and end your day is an important place to take into consideration. Tiles can transform a bathroom from being functional, to a level that is breathtaking. At our showroom, we are able to help with design and offer a variety of materials to turn your bathroom into a place you love and that is satisfying.