“What are people putting on their backsplashes these days?”

This is a question we hear often from our customers that come in looking to design their kitchen. The answer is simple. Anything and everything! These days, people are putting all shapes, sizes, and finishes on their backsplashes where there are no boundaries. Homeowners are using dimensional stone and even antiqued mirror subway tiles. Picture frames above the stove and 6″ horizontal bands across the entire length of the backsplash are being done less and less. Simplicity and uniformity are what home owners and designers are looking for. Consistency is key. Whether someone is using a decorative water-jet mosaic or subway tile, they are using it on the entire backsplash from countertop to ceiling. 



If you have your outlets installed underneath your cabinets, then larger tiles such as these 24″x48″ beauties can be used to achieve a seamless, almost grout-less look.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your backsplash is to do what you love and are drawn to. The kitchen backsplash, in our opinion, is the most important area of the house to tile. The kitchen is the heart of a home and a place where guests and family gather. Homeowners spend the most amount of time here so it’s important for the tile that’s featured to be impressive and adored.