Inspiration for tile designs come in many forms. When a tile company creates their own mosaics and tile, they have to draw inspiration for their designs from somewhere. That somewhere can be taken from the intricate ceiling of a dwelling in Pompeii dating back to the Roman empire or even from the pages of Thoreau’s novel, Walden. Inspiration can come from observing and discovering all the different art forms there are available in the world for us to enjoy. One art form that serves as an inspiration that was and is still popular today in the tile industry is fashion and couture. As one can see in the pictures here, the creativity and hard work that goes into creating these mosaics becomes easier when you have so much inspiration around you to draw from. 



Let your world inspire the tile in your space. Browse through some of these incredible mosaics inspired by art here and be able to incorporate different stones, glass, and materials to your choosing. Come to our showroom to see all of these beauties in person and be able to mix and match with materials on hand.